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The Challenge: A division of Canada’s largest telecommunications service provider had a new website ready to go. But there was a problem. The mountain of written material provided by various departments didn’t reflect key corporate messages and much of the text was rambling and inconsistent. There were many grammatical and typographical errors, and the site organization was cumbersome and awkward in places. Someone was needed to clean it all up in time for a launch that was only one week away.

The EFK Solution: EFK did everything that was needed to bring the site up to the highest of standards. Recommendations were made on how to address navigation problems, text was heavily edited to incorporate important themes and messages on a consistent basis and to improve readability, while a thorough proofread resulted in all the errors being cleaned up. A week later the site was successfully launched. Customer feedback was positive and EFK had a very satisfied client. Contact EFK Communications to learn more about this project and our website and marketing communications capabilities.